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Christine Oster, a talented artist whose works have been featured at major art fairs. The fact that she has exhibited at these prestigious fairs underlines her reputation as a promising artist of her generation.

The exhibitions gave her a platform to showcase her unique and expressive works of art. ART Salzburg Contemporary 2018 and ART Salzburg Contemporary 2019 were two consecutive fairs at which she showed her art.

In 2020 she exhibited at the 24th ART Innsbruck . ART Innsbruck is an annual art fair that has been taking place since 1994 and attracts a large number of national and international exhibitors. The fair has become an important event in the art scene and offers an excellent opportunity to discover talent.

Art Zurich 2020 was another important fair. It has been taking place since 1999 and has developed into an important event in the Swiss art scene.

The audience's enthusiasm for Christine Oster's artworks at these fairs is a testament to her skills and potential as an artist. The exhibitions have helped increase her exposure and reputation in the art community and advance her career.

Overall, Christine Oster has exhibited at some of the most important art fairs in German-speaking countries and has proven her talent and artistic skills.

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