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Christine Oster is an emerging artist whose work has been featured in various art magazines . Throughout her artistic career, she has created unique and expressive works of art that delight audiences.

"AUGSBURG Journal", issue 6/2021 , topic "Christine Oster shows female feelings with brushstrokes" . This article gives an insight into female dreams and life and describes her special, multifaceted painting style.

Art magazine "palette", issue 12/2019, theme "Seascape" - is a detailed step-by-step guide on the subject of sky and sea.

In the same year, the sensuality, power and ability to show oneself vulnerably in her painted subjects was discussed in the art magazine "ART Profil" under the topic "Creative processes make mental motifs visible".

In "Schlossmagazin" , issue 8/2019 , a regional lifestyle magazine for Augsburg, the topic "Creativity is like an addiction..." is discussed about both painting subjects, figurative painting and sea landscapes, as well as your special, unmistakable handwriting and your creative approaches to art and the impact it has on their lives.

Christine Oster was also featured in issues 2/2018 and 6/2018 of the art magazine “palette” . The report, with the theme "Painters are storytellers too," highlights their ability to convey stories and narratives through their artwork. The article with the theme "Pop Art / Modern Art" described her work in the context of modern art.

The articles in the various art magazines highlight her ability to master the language of art and present her creative processes in a unique way.

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