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Christine Oster was born in 1966 in Banat (Romania). She is a multifaceted painter, a career changer ... a dreamer: "I was born in a country where one felt like being as if in a vacuum. One often dreamed oneself somewhere else because one wanted to be somewhere other than one was, at least in the world of images. 

Her life to date has been marked by highly diverse events. This is reflected in her curriculum vitae. In Romania, she was trained as a tailor in her parents' business, graduated from high school, and at the same time took 4 years of private lessons (painting) with an acclaimed Romanian artist in Timisoara.

In 1988, Oster left Romania, determinedly and self-confidently began a commercial apprenticeship in Germany and subsequently completed her studies in business administration at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. In 1999 followed a year as a trainee with an international company in Inverness (Scotland) and then a six-month stay in England. After returning to Augsburg, the artist took three years of private lessons with an internationally recognized Russian artist couple and started her artistic career in 2006.

Exhibitions and fairs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland followed. Highlights include the 24th ART Innsbruck, Salzburg International ART Fair, Artinnovation Berlin, Galerie im Wasserschloss Krumbach, Schloss zu Hopferau, Galerie Groß, Säulenhalle Landsberg, Säulenhalle Dinkelsbühl, Galerie Kalina, Galerie Bessler, Galerie Hackl, Galerie Lürs (Hotel Fontenay), Bayrisches Ministerium für Bildung und Kultus (Munich), Hessing Kliniken and the ARTBOX.PROJEKT ZÜRICH.
Oster relies on strongly emotionalizing figurative painting in oil and acrylic. She is a determined fighter, a courageous, introverted artist of the avant-garde with vast visions and dreams.

Her multifaceted, modern images of women are alive with a captivating, tension-filled duality. She takes us into contemporary female dream and worlds of life, aptly addresses the current challenges of urban women far from any social romanticism, and at the same time develops graceful, proud beauties with style. Images of women that encourage, motivate and inspire many. Oster says herself "I am not a portrait painter but tell stories ..."

Oster´s many years of interdisciplinary experience also gives the artist a very specific view of things, which give the works a very special expression. A BURNOUT inspired her artistic creativity and conditioned a profound stringent concretization of her artistic work. New unexpected horizons emerged. The current series Dare to Dream and Female Affairs speak a clear language.

The two series Sea & Sky and Iconic Pompeii are impressive with classic motifs, which are executed artistically and with fine craftsmanship.

Oster herself describes her approach as "quot;spirit for inner freedom". In doing so, she breaks away from common conventions and trends, develops her very own form of expression and gives her works their unmistakable DNA.

The artist lives and works in Augsburg.



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