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Statue of Lust I

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Erotic sculptures are an integral part of European art. They represent gods and nymphs.

After the background was created in acrylic, the portrait was painted in oil using partly sharp, partly blurred brushstrokes. In a final step, the painting was literally scratched away from the canvas in the form of a structure.

Perhaps the scraped pieces are symbols of lost memories or incomplete stories. The shadows of the past that loom in the remaining lines or patterns remind us that our history consists not only of what is obvious, but also of what is hidden and faded.


“Painting has put shackles on me from which I cannot and do not want to free myself,” says the artist about herself.

Caught in art - free to pull out all the design stops in these set dimensions with light and shadow, with contours and shapes, shading and perspective, spatulated and sprayed and atmospheric coloring.




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