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Harmony and movement II

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"Representational painting" never shows the objects just as such, but always in a certain perspective, in a special appearance... the motifs are "inspired by the artist's hand".

For the painter, not only the spatial aspect but also the temporal aspect is a challenge. What the waves are on the water, the clouds in the sky are. Both are fleeting in form. Painted clouds are particularly appealing if you can understand their source or fiber movement, if you can see from which direction the wind is blowing them and where they are going.

This work was painted in oil only with a palette knife, meaning very impasto on a painting board.


“Painting has put shackles on me from which I cannot and do not want to free myself,” says the artist about herself.

Caught in art - free to pull out all the design stops in these set dimensions with light and shadow, with contours and shapes, shading and perspective, spatulated and sprayed and atmospheric coloring.




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